Molasses Mobile

With about an hour before we must arrive, the speed dial reads five and we’ve got ninety nine more miles according to that rickety highway sign.  I’m on edge, you’re on edge, we’re all on edge.  Rosetta hasn’t taken a single breath of fresh air in four hours, there has been an endless cigarette dangling from her miserable mouth since she turned the key.  Ruby’s hunched over like a sack of rotten potatoes.  I always like to sleep in the car, I like the idea of sleeping yet still making progress.  However this time I’m wide-eyed, leg tapping, forehead pressed stiff against the backseat glass.  We are all silent.  Then, Tobias starts howling in his Jersey drenched accent towards the other cars through the sound trapping glass.  Everyone turns around in unison and gives Tobias the evil look of frustration; he flops back down into his seat and slouches like a child stripped of his bedtime snack rights.

The cars in front are beeping at the cars in front of them, but that car knows it’s because of the car in front of them, and so like an electrical charge domino effect we become further annoyed accurately and sufficiently.  A dead stop.  I open up the car door and hop out for a moment to stretch my legs and look down the highway to see what’s going on up ahead.  Nothing.  An endless stretch, an ocean of machines doing exactly the opposite of what they were designed to do.  The car inches forward the door swinging open then almost closed then opened and almost closed, remaining true to the nature of the sedan’s torso.

I get back in, waking Ruby in a startle.  He growls and slams his head against the middle compartment then flings himself back to the head rest.  I look at his hands clenched tight in a livid fist.  We are all silent on the outside, but if we we’re to all be turned inside out the inside of the car would be a civil war battlefield, the bloodiest battle, cannons and rifles awry.  I wanted to spontaneously combust, I wanted to flail my arms in celebration of personal space but it would have to wait and it would build up and build up and build up rapidly, we we’re all building up rapidly, blossoming into monsters, and just when I thought I was about to unleash, I realized there was still ninety nine miles to go.


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