Don’t Go Getting Ahead of Yourself

He planned his 4th murder before he even did his first

He spent all the money before he even stole the purse

He loaded up his gun blind to the backfire

He flipped through old photos of the notorious he admired

He turned himself in after only dreaming of the crime

He was a true prisoner before he did a minute of a time

Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.

She laid out the gown before she’d even found her man

She was fitted for the ring before he even took her hand

She was already worn out before there ever lived a plan

She learned how to walk the aisle before she could even stand

on the first day they met, she asked when they would wed

The next day he was gone and she would never love again

Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.

He overheard the TV announce the new disease

Then he chained himself to the bed after the first sneeze

He swore he only had such little time to live,

So he took on the day, and gave everyone all he had to give

On the day he was supposed to die, he woke up in his bed

To the doctor holding placebos and telling him to move ahead

Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.

She once saw herself as a star on the screen

And a lot has happened since she had that dream

It came back one day, on her knees in ther yard

Alone fed up and miserable from disregard

She put the house up for sale with six kids and a black lab

And drove to Hollywood with all them in the back

She spent every dime but couldn’t buy what it would take

so all aligned on the curb all eight ruined from one mistake

Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.

He deemed himself the king of everything he ever knew

With a handmade crown, sandcastle and one-way point of view

He talked down to his followers though he was about half their height

He would conquer all the day and silently cry away the night

With such little patience and desire growing from his roots

He summoned his kingdom to the courtyard the next day at noon

He climbed to the alter and peeked down to the crowd

Dead silence.  Until, one spoke up yelling, “And who the hell are you!?”

Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.

She looked to the west, with two eyes and grin

She saw the sun laughing there, inviting her in

She drew her map.  The country bit a mere hands-length wide.

She swore starting tomorrow she would walk to the other side

Many begged to tagalong but she thought no one could keep up

She was driven by her inner fire, it burned away all her love.

As so she walked through many seasons, well fed and full of rest

But they found her face down in the sand, next to the knife of loneliness

The ghost of her kept walking, its sunken eyes to the sunrise

She always knew in spirit she would make it, it was worth her own life

Don’t go getting ahead of yourself.


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