Collection: “No More Songs of Love”

“Pain makes great art” once said someone.  Not that this is great, but it’s something.  In the near future this will turn into an album potentially titled “No More Songs of Love”.  Here goes nothing:

“No More Songs of Love”

How can I go on singing a song about the one thing that’s done me most wrong?
I thought I knew pain until I faced my true loves blade
And so no more songs of love will I be tuned to.

How could you drag me here starry eyed and leave me lost out in the unknown?
When all I want is joy and pain, life and death beside you
If anything you ever said was true, than not only did you lose me, you’ve lost you
And so no more songs of love will I be seeing through.

How can you still sing songs of love knowing even the greatest love is not enough?
Your jaded, degraded.  Your heavenly soul invaded and blockaded.
and the man with the skeleton key just happens to be me
Yet i still rot outside quietly.
And so no more songs of love can I bear to listen to.


“Refuse Me”

I can no longer be myself around you
All I want is to let my love shine through
It’s what you refuse.
You refuse me.

I can no longer be myself towards you dear
I’ll give you too much of the one thing you fear
I don’t know how it started
but you refuse me, you refuse my love.

I can no longer be true to you honey
All my hints of love to you now are just something funny.
you refuse to be true, I guess that I should to
even though I don’t want to.

I don’t want to refuse the love, that I’ve got so much of
Just because it will bring you back so long ago
and you’ll come tumbling off your high horse
and who will be there to catch you?

I will, I always will.

Just because you refuse me doesn’t mean I refuse me to
and I’ve got this love that I need to give you
Or we must become strangers.


“Christ, Woman”

Christ was a woman
Who came back with a vengeance
Like a slave crowned on judgment day
We crossed paths, hers was the only right way
So I walked by her side with nothing to find
We tiptoed through creek and valley
Tried love upon the mountaintop
She would die for my sins
I would die for her love
On bended knee, I gave my offering

Christ was a woman
I knew her well for a year and some
Walking by the stage turned into an alter
I had no choice but to sip from her chalice
Until I was drunk enough to worship again

We sang the loudest in the bullshit choir
Beat around the bush that burned on and off again
But when you try to love a prophet, when you try to love a saint
That could kill and will as a civilian you’re better off running for the hills
Christ was a woman

Christ was a woman
I ran my fingers down her transparent face
She loved me like her child
Who never wanted to take her place
All the power and glory
The romantic backstory
Makes for easy disciples while the angels flee

Christ was a woman
That hung me on the cross
She knew the path
And apparently I was lost
Always telling me “Don’t look too far to get what you need”

Christ was a woman
A sponge for Judas and Lazarus
Such a martyr for her sex
she let power overrule her
Hallelujah, Awomen.


“Newborn Horse”

You, you wanted, you wanted to be
My master, my back rider, my suzerain, my liege
You, you wanted to paint upon my face
Until I fit into place in the vision you have of how things should be
The way you assumed the position atop of me

Like riding a newborn horse

I, I will miss your mountains
Where milk would flow and moss would grow
From down here in the valley I can see mother nature’s skirt
And if only it were you I wouldn’t be so hurt
The way you’d assume the position atop of me

Like riding a newborn horse


“Just One More Night”

Let us have just one more night
To dance in the gazebo by the moonlight
To an old soul song, see if we can still sing along
We’ll retreat in the rain to our place in the shade
And I will lie you down atop the dirt where love is made

If nothing comes of it
Then our hearts have flown for good
But if we find each other in the storm
Then honey I think we should have just one more night

Let us have just one more night
I swear everything you say will always be right
I’ve got on my brown nose and my finest suit
Are there any other veils I can wear to get through to you?
We’ve seen the mountain, we’ve seen the valley
How bout level ground for our grand finale?


“Darling Be”

Darling be careful wherever you go
Where that may be I may not always know
But please don’t turn up on the side of the road
You just say “I’ll be fine” before you go

Darling be happy whoever you are
Where that may be I may one day disregard
But please don’t you forget about me
You just say “I never will” before you go

I refuse to lose this love I have for you
Whether near or far, together or apart
I’m gonna let my love follow you

Darling be smart when they pick you apart
When they find you, I may be too far
But please don’t you settle for any less
You just say “I know” before you go

Darling be sweet as you’ve always been
Sweet as the sound of a cherry violin
But please don’t get played without the finest of bows
You just say “STOP” before you go



Tiresius, of no eyes, you walk around in denial
Putting on a show of royalty, putting the innocent up on trial
Tiresius I loved you so much I started picking up your downfalls
While hindsight is 20/20, you’re closed in by your walls
Tiresius in your cold throat you’ve buried the truth
In my world spun by seeing clear you are of no use

Oh Tiresius, you are so beautiful
It’s amazing how well you know
Oh Tiresius, we were so beautiful
It’s a shame that I can’t show you

Tiresius, take it easy on me, I know you won’t believe me but you can’t see
The damage you’re doing with your stubborn eyes
I’d be dead if mother and father were not so wise
Never a good day when a prophet brings you your demise

Tiresius you are lucky to have no painful visions
Because for a man like me in this kind of position
All I want is to hear the sweet sound
Tiresius how well you see with your ears
How smoothly with power you dress up all your fears
Only one time have I seen your blind eyes shed tears
And it was when the chord struck for the first time in years
Tiresius it was never I that made you cry
So what does a kind man like me do to get your ugly side?
Tiresius you used to sing while you were sleeping
Just as well as when you were awake.



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