sitting, tv sells me, head in-line skates.  in trying to focus my thoughts, i feel deep rich chocolate knowledge, i can not pay attention, i brush the tip of substantial thoughts, ideas, i want to wrap my arms around everything there is to know. i have a desire to be moved.  i appreciate the kind.  blind children giving so generously.  seargent.  i try to flow.  there will be a day, like any other day where my soul will crack and split open and fill with flaming contentment, and around me will be golden rain, the bells of trumpets and tubas and saxophones and other brass instruments will clink and clank on snow white ground.  i feel most comfortable expressing gibberish, keeping people who are not trying to be any closer, arms length away.  i love. i love much. i love well. i am loved, loving and lovable.  you are as well.  words and patience and impatience and patients.  you can go anywhere you choose.  i am going to have some ice cream. high flying on dulling remedies.


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