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Toy Soldiers Nominated for 3 Independent Music Awards!

2 Mar

Crazy! I had no idea. We’ve been nominated under three categories. “Best Alt. Country Album”, “Best Blues Song: Throw Me Down”, and “Best College Label Release”.

The main awards are chosen by a panel of 62 judges, including Tom Waits, Seal, Weird Al Yankovich, and more. However, there is also a people’s choice award that you can vote for pretty easily!

Toy Soldiers.



21 Nov

musicians have the highest hourly wage in the universe, but they can only work one hour a day, and two days a week.

animal dance

21 Nov

honestly, watching…the only difference is people throw love into the animal dance.


30 Sep

RG/JH Split EP—>>> the words!

27 Sep

Here are the songs of mine that will be apart of the Ron Gallo/ Jordan Hull “Midweek Mountain Getaway” Split EP:

“Don’t Let Me Make No Fool of You”
I’ll probably never be, what you need me to be
So don’t let me make no fool of you
You’ll probably never see, what you thought you saw in me
So don’t let me make no fool of you
I’m telling you ahead of time, that I’m gonna waste your time
So don’t let me make no fool of you
So many have come my way, crossed paths at the darkest part of the day
So don’t let me make no fool of you

All those things you’ll never see, you’re really starting to believe
So don’t let them make no fool of you
What goes on behind closed doors? You’re on the outside you can’t see in.
So don’t let them make no fool of you

You’ll probably never be, what you need you to be
so don’t let you make no fool of you
Your eyes are guiding you, it’s hard trusting one but you’re trusting two
You’re the one thing you can’t see through, every liar swears they thought you knew
So don’t let you make no fool of you

“Back Rider”
You, you wanted, you wanted to be
My master, my back rider, my suzerain, my liege
You, you wanted to paint upon my face
until I fit into place
in the vision you have
of how things should be
The way you assumed the position atop of me
Like riding a newborn horse

I, I will, I will miss your mountains
Where milk would flow and moss would grow
From down here in the valley I can see up mother natures skirt
If only it were you I wouldn’t be so hurt
Oh, the way you assumed the positon atop of me
Like riding a newborn horse

“Maybe (You’ll Find Something)”

If you break down the door it’s out the window I go
If it was a trap you set oh well I just don’t know
Go ahead and take me, get whatever you can get
Because I’m giving in, going down but not giving up just yet

You need a lampshade for that level head of yours
I’m thinking for one but you’re acting for four
Now won’t you tell me what you’d go and do something like that for?
It’s hard enough just being yourself
Imagine how hard it is being everyone else

What’s that you always see on the ground?
Honey, why don’t you hang around?
Maybe you’ll find something to love
But you won’t
And that’s why nothing grows from the seeds you’ve sewn.

It’s all sounding perdy awesome, hopefully have some tracks to show you soon!

a hole with a soul

27 Sep

a drop in the bowl
a dollar to the toll
a blanket in the cold
a year to the old
just a hole with a soul

Solo showzens announced!

27 Sep

After some quality time spent in the valley, I’ve come up with some new songs. Feeling opened up, shameless. Clarity. All of those things. What I mean by all of that is that I look forward to playing these new songs for some people.

And so! I will begin a monthly residency at Triumph Brewing Co. (117 Chestnut St.)

The first show will be held on October 13th. Do it! Here’s a facebook thang for it: