22 Aug

seems to me the general consensus is a big black cloud just hanging around, that everyone is in the valley for now.  i look around and i see pretty faces with dreams of death in their eyes, i look around and i see familiar faces that seem like strangers to themselves, i look around and i see smiles that drip with melted plastic, synthetic leather skin, i look around and i feel that there is no mystery.  when love fleets it takes your mind with it, and a man who is only controlled with a heart is one bound to turn to dust, unless he realizes that fifty two cards come in a deck so as to make more baskets.

and so that’s what i’ll do! i’ll spend my days weaving baskets out of the past and future, i’ll live only in the very present, as there is only pitch black behind and blinding light ahead.  You feel a fire in your loins when thinking of the horizon.  You feel a hurricane in your breast when you think of surrender.  You feel a tickle in your bones when you try to envision a life other than the one you aren’t immune to.  I was immune.  I accentuate the pretty things.  I forget I was in the valley before.

Just make baskets, keep your chin below your eyes, and your mouth crippled.


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