corpulent dream

24 Apr

i suddenly have the strong desire to become a sponge. one that doesn’t require sleep. that can rage all the night, being soaked with unresting ideas and thought.  i can’t sleep any longer.

the view from my window is blurred
from careless tired eyes
i’ve been half dead for many years
i’ve only ever hoped to find
suddenly i dream to break through the canopy
and set my limits to the crying blue sky
good morning soul ache
you are dusty and so tired you’re blind
if i were the wind, wildly winding through the world
pick up, leave behind, always driving forward in good time
I want to be inspired, lit on fire by a burning desire
to become wholesome and enriched by all there is
not a dead man with a beating heart and forgotten breath
rise up let the good things in.
i know you haven’t ever but i do believe you can
be like them
the ones you idolize for their wide open eyes
and their restless hearts
their bottomless pits of wisdom
masters by their own accord
it’s what i was built from the dirt for
to love and learn
not fade and burn


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